Unfortunately, there are times when below grade problems require major repairs to prevent further deterioration of effected areas.  These problems can be caused by a number of circumstances such as improper site preparation during construction, leaking water/sewer pipes, below surface drainage issues caused by cracks/breaks in pipes or changing climate conditions, the heavy weight of vehicles on a surface inadequate to withstand the load, i.e., asphalt thickness is too thin in areas where concrete, rather than asphalt, should have been installed.

​Below are examples of areas we repaired at the Wadesboro Shopping Center.  The pictures show where comprehensive repairs were necessary to correct design or construction issues which resulted in a below grade failure of the area to withstand traffic use and climate change conditions.

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Major Repairs Required to Correct Below Grade Problems (2)

Wadesboro Shopping Center, 1860 US Highway 74, Wadesboro, NC.

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