Seal Coatings are properly applied with specialty equipment designed to allow

proper blending of the manufactures specialty additives formulated

 to enhance the appearance, color and long term performance of the seal coating.

SealMaster is the global leader in the chemical engineering and production

of these chemicals.  We use only SealMaster seal coating products.

Weed Killer is applied where

and if necessary

Thoroughly inspect the property to determine what, if any, repairs may be needed

Weeds Removed  —  Dirt & Oil Cleaning  —  Drainage Problems  —  Bollard/Wheel Stop Damage, etc.

​Make any required repairs

​Seal Coat Steps

Hot Pour Crack Filler is necessary for cracks 1/8" wide plus

Power Sweepers are required for proper surface preparation

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Lines, ADA Compliance Signage and Stencils are applied last

Blowers are used for final cleanup before seal coat application

Oil spots should be cleaned and treated before sealing

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We see any number of properties that are relatively easy to seal coat.  We see even more

that are in rather poor condition.  This can be caused by many reasons and circumstances.

It's difficult to outline a number of steps that would apply equally to each project.

Below represents steps typical to the majority of projects.  The first step is the most important;

thoroughly inspect the property and prepare a comprehensive outline for owners/management

to evaluate all options and costs to protect their investment for both the short term and the

long term.  Beyond that, we can schedule most projects in multiple steps if necessary for

budget and operational considerations.